Revive devs

What we do

We reinvent the way we buy products. 

Contribute to a more sustainable world through reusability.

We are building the infrastructure today that will make tomorrow's world a better place. 

We build software for our own team members to help them accomplish their work faster and be more productive and happy.

Our Backend is completely built in-house and runs on PHP 7.4  & Laravel 8.
Our codebase is managed on our own GitLab instance and is deployed using continuous integration (CI) Pipelines hosted on DigitalOcean.
We can test most of our functionality on our staging instance first, before hitting production with great confidence.

Our shop runs on Shopify and is completely isolated from our backend.
We treat our own shop as a separate platform we sell on.

Our Backend System synchronizes over 10.000 product-listings on over 12 different platforms like eBay, Amazon & co. within seconds.

Our user internally used frontend is mostly built using Laravel Nova to quickly get up and running. Other parts of or projects are completely isolated and use a custom vue-based frontend as for example our Image Control.

What we need you for

Be a great team-player that never stops learning an collaborating.
Solve problems in an effective and team-driven manner using the technology that works best for the given task.


We know that our happiest customer is only ever as happy as our happiest employee. (Simon Sinek)
That’s why we try to build a working environment in which people can strive instead of running on the clock.

We offer

  • free working hours, you know best when you are the most productive
  • dicounted lunch every day
  • flexible home office days or remote entirely
  • an unlimited vacation policy
  • equipment that you need to do your job best
  • a highly motivated and skilled team

Our History

In 2014 eBay Kleinanzeigen (Craigslist in Germany) showed two white vinyl leather couches available for free.
Why not see what we can do with them?
Then we gradually built on that and now we are a real company with over 6 years of experience in the re-commerce and repair industry.


These are a couple milestones we achieved since then:

  • from 2 sofas in a single garage 2015 to over 3 million euro sales in 2020.
  • over 25 employees that give their best on a daily basis
  • over 50.000 euro donated in sum of donation of money and goods
  • our own internal logistics system, that drives around the earth every month
  • what’s next? - Help us build a marketplace!

We share a common goal: Giving as many people as possible access to great products without polluting the planet. In doing so we leave our comfort-zone every day and try to reach for the stars. We appreciate our environment, that’s why we strongly keep our goal that is sustainable and only works with used-products.


Let’s revive the world together.

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