360 degree campaign


Have you already noticed our posters in Cologne?! Here we show you all the motifs of our poster campaign.

Until October 16, 2019, there was a little surprise behind every QR code. Start looking now and scan the QR code on the posters. To make it short: not all campaigns are the same. A piece of furniture is not just a piece of furniture. Likewise, we cannot be compared to other furniture stores. But what are we really like? We are different - and a bit cheeky! Just like our products, which we give a new life to through our professional processing. And what would they say to you if they could communicate? Give it some thought and find beautiful visual ambiguities.

Since 2015 we have taken on the challenge of changing the way we think about home furnishing.

We have developed a revolutionary concept where we offer timeless and high-quality design at affordable prices.

Sustainability is absolutely paramount, because we give used designer furniture a new life with our professional treatment .

On 1700 square meters and with 30 employees, we offer online and in our showroom in Cologne-Lövenich over 600 revived designer furniture from well-known brands from Benz to Zanotta.

As a young start-up, the social aspect of our company is very important to us. It starts with the fact that we give new life to used furniture and thus pursue a sustainable business model. We always give 110%!

100% for our customers and in the processing of used designer furniture. We donate 10% of our profits to good causes every year.

High-quality designer furniture from well-known brands is always directly available and can be delivered quickly at any time

We offer you a huge price advantage, because we bring high-quality used designer furniture back to almost top condition.

We follow a sustainable concept, so we only work with used designer furniture and donate 10% of our net annual profit.