Setting up with sloping ceilings


The unique charm of apartments with sloping ceilings is their cosiness. Sloping ceilings are often a challenge when setting up. We will show you with our 4 tips how to properly stage this feeling of security.


Niches are ideal as extra storage space. This works for one with deep shelves or with baskets and boxes. You can also lean pictures or a mirror against the wall. You can also convert the niche into a dressing room. Large closets are often a problem in attic apartments. To avoid having to have an expensive custom-made closet made, you can use a curtain to cover the niche. Or you can turn the niche into a study. With the help of rails, shelves can also be easily attached to sloping ceilings. All you have to do is place your desk next to it and your work corner is ready.


One of the darkest corners in attic apartments is the area under the slope. This is especially true if the room also has only small skylights or no skylights at all. In order to bring cosiness into the corners too, bring light under the sloping ceilings. You work most effectively with two levels of lighting, as this gives visual depth. You should make sure that one of the light sources illuminates the whole room. With other light sources, such as spotlights, you can create more decorative islands of light. You should like the lamps you choose and they should match the rest of the furniture. However, we advise against uplighters and hanging lights.


Even if heavy and bulky furniture conveys stability and warmth, you should avoid it under the roof. In attic apartments, low built-in systems or custom-made furniture emphasize the existing cosiness. It is best to use filigree furniture. These can be small tables or low sofas. Flat sideboards are also suitable. This makes the rooms appear more airy and larger. Here, too, the motto is: less is more!


The best place to use the space under the sloping roofs is to sit, as you usually can’t stand there. This allows you to make optimal use of these areas and still have enough space for other furniture. Likewise, this area usually becomes your favorite spot in the apartment or a cozy retreat. As mentioned above, it is also worth making sure that sofas are small and rather low. Armchairs and stools are also doing very well. In addition, you should avoid large coffee tables. Small side tables or boxes fit better. You can also emphasize the coziness in the living area with even more warmth with a beautiful carpet.

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