Would you like to bring more comfort and atmosphere into your living room ? We will show you with 6 simple ideas how you can easily do this without much effort.


Put your apartment in the right light. Light is a good source to create atmosphere. The possibilities are very diverse, so that there is something for every taste. One possibility is the use of several light sources in order to illuminate in a differentiated way and to stage a play of light and dark. Pivoting wall models that provide flexible lighting are ideal for the area around your sofa. You can also work with floor lamps, table lamps or pendant lamps, each of which has its own unique charm. The lower a lamp hangs, the more comfortable it looks.


With wall mirrors you can conjure up more depth in your living room and make it appear even larger. Mirrors conjure up bright lightness in the room through light reflections. At the same time they are a decorative design element. Again, you can find something for every taste here. Modern wall mirrors with narrow frames are all-rounders that can be easily combined with numerous living styles. The framed mirror with elaborately designed borders is also an eye-catcher in almost every room. There are also mirrors that are provided with magnificent ornaments or decorative elements and thus enhance the room and make it appear noble.


The blanket is a particularly decorative and, above all, practical home accessory. It looks particularly good on the sofa. Wool blankets in particular give your living room a cozy atmosphere. Blankets come in many different sizes, colours, patterns and materials. Because they not only look good, but also give warmth when you're slightly cold, woolen blankets are very popular and one of the most sensible home accessories. They are knitted, woven or felted. Together with the cushion, the blanket forms an unbeatable decorative pair on your sofa.


With cushions you can quickly bring more color into your living room. Sofa cushions help to create more comfort and are simply part of cozy evenings at home. The selection of sofa cushions is huge. They come in all sizes, colors, patterns and shapes. In addition to playing with colors, cushions can also spice up your living room with different material combinations. Colored pillows also help you to bring more contrast into the room and breathe life into it.


You are always on the pulse of time with a wall clock. Wall clocks are versatile and, as a functional eye-catcher, also very decorative. Selected and innovative materials such as concrete, aluminium, fine woods, plastic or ceramics give your apartment an individual look.


You can easily create more comfort with side tables. With a side table, the ensemble of sofa and armchair in the living room becomes a meeting place for family and friends. It is also very useful as a shelf for your current favorite book and magazines. As the little brother of the coffee table , the side table gives your living room a personal touch. Cleverly placed, it becomes the highlight of your room despite its small size. Did you know that we also have coffee tables in our online shop ?