Good design lasts a lifetime


Today we give a quick look behind the scenes at Revive Interior and show you what happens when used designer furniture is refurbished before it gets a new owner.

Revive Interior offers a unique concept of sustainable used furniture trading in a combination of showroom and warehouse outlet. All of the more than 500 articles on the website can be viewed and experienced directly here.


After the used designer furniture has arrived at Revive Interior, all pieces of furniture are first checked very carefully. As already mentioned in the last article, this starts with the purchase: sofas and armchairs from smoking households are absolutely taboo!


After the check, all pieces of furniture receive a thorough and professional complete cleaning. We then check what is necessary to bring the item back into as good as new condition. If, for example, the upholstery has worn through, the trained upholsterers will repair it. In the event of major damage, such as a tear or a damaged cover, the upholstered furniture will be repaired in the relevant areas or completely reupholstered.

Most leather upholstery has a pigment coating. If this is worn out, it is repaired or overhauled in the in-house spray chamber. This process gives the piece of furniture an almost new condition.

The sacred focus in machining is to use only genuine parts. For this reason, no pieces of furniture with visible cracks or holes are deliberately purchased. If something needs to be reupholstered, only leather that comes from used furniture can be used. Otherwise they will be reupholstered with fabric. Revive Interior is always in close contact with the manufacturers of the designer furniture.

Is an old used piece of designer furniture better than a new one from the Far East? With well-known manufacturers of designer furniture, the quality is good and there are often no significant differences between used and new sofas. In principle, however, one can say that well-known designer furniture is built more solidly and more sustainably. For example, a €2,000 piece of furniture from regular manufacturers can never compete with used and refurbished designer furniture for €2,000. You can get lots of great designer furniture in our online shop . We would also be happy to advise you on site in our showroom in Cologne Lövenich.