Small living room


Do you have a small living room but don't want to do without a comfortable couch? You do not have to. We give you 5 tips for skilfully presenting your new sofa in a small room.


Light colors in particular, such as white or beige, make a room appear larger and give the sofa a simple elegance. If you have children or pets, you may be better off with a darker sofa color, like gray or black, as lighter colors are inherently more susceptible to stains.


Goehte already said: "Beauty is a very welcome guest everywhere." Don't just think about the functionality of your sofa, but also whether it fits into the overall look of your interior. Is your style more scandi, industrial or shabby chic? Set an accent with the right seating furniture.


Large sofa landscapes always seem a bit oppressive in small rooms and usually make the room appear even more cramped. If possible, avoid oversized seating areas if there is no other option. In a small living room, small sofas and armchairs are particularly advisable so that the room is not visually reduced. In a small living room, rely on elegant and graceful furniture instead of bulky and expansive seating areas.


Parents or best friends are coming to visit. There are many reasons for an additional bed. If the space in your apartment is limited anyway, you should definitely think about a sofa with a sleeping function. Depending on your needs, a sofa with a bed box is also recommended. You can then store your guests' bed linen or anything that you don't always need within reach. Wheeled sofas are also a smart solution for small living rooms, as you can move them around as you like.


Give your living room a wow factor with a bright sofa. However, this is only recommended if the rest of the room is kept rather simple. Otherwise, we advise you: Buy a simple sofa and set exciting color accents with cushions or blankets. The big advantage: you can quickly change the pillowcases and duvets if you want a different color. With small touches of color you can brighten up a small living room and completely change the mood of a room. A bright statement piece can also be used to draw attention away from the narrowness of the room when decorating the living room. We have immediately available, high-quality & used designer furniture from well-known manufacturers on offer. We have individual pieces of furniture in our range, especially for small living rooms. Stop by here .