Minimalist living


Minimalism is not just a style. It's a statement. We've all seen it before: living spaces where minimalism reigns supreme seem free and airy, almost carefree. However, most of us are shocked by the atmosphere of an art gallery or spartan interior. Minimalist living does not have to mean that comfort has to give way. Above all, we find it difficult to part with things and we don't even get tempted to set ourselves up in a more minimalist way. You can read here how to get rid of things in order to live reduced and still comfortable in the long term.


All beginnings are difficult, but you have to create space. We are very attached to our furniture, decorative pieces and personal memories. Unfortunately, we also hoard far too quickly and lose touch with our items. For the minimalist lifestyle, however, you should consider which furniture and objects you actually use and need. You should take a closer look at utility items, books and holiday souvenirs in particular. The KonMari method by lifestyle expert and organization guru Marie Kondo can be of help. To do this, ask yourself the question: Does this object arouse feelings in me? Sorting out will be easier for you. And for the future, something old goes with every new thing.


If you set up your furniture and decoration randomly and without free space in the room, it quickly looks messy and cluttered. Reduce the number of elements to the essentials and place value on selected pieces - let your sofa stand alone with a beautiful coffee or side table. For decorative objects, form small groups of 2 or 3 that stand together and consciously leave areas on the floor, sideboards and tables. This is how you achieve a gallery character with a focus on your favorite pieces. If you like it more cozy and playful, use trays, platters or etageres for decoration.


Whether extravagant or simple and elegant. Let your sofa become the focal point of the room. With fine and clear lines in the design, paired with a simple, restrained color, you achieve an airy atmosphere. The furniture then blends in unobtrusively but still presently into the room. If you choose eye-catching upholstered furniture, you are deliberately making it an eye-catcher. In both cases, you should avoid too many pattern combinations in your accessories such as pillows and blankets. Let your sofa work.


So that cosiness and homeliness are maintained, use warm colors or your feel-good colors for the walls or decoration. Especially with photos or art, calm and structure in the image content are important. Choose pictures that are either very striking or very reduced - with clear lines or geometric shapes. Graphics can also look great.

If you want to slowly approach minimalism, we hope we could help you with these tips and make you want to change. You can take the first step with a new sofa. Feel free to look in our online shop .