New year, new living


New Year New luck. As soon as the Christmas tree is out, it is worth starting the new year with a newly furnished apartment . We'll give you tips and tricks on how you can quickly and easily give your apartment a new look.

MOVE FURNITURE If you want to experience your home in a new way, rearrange the furniture. By changing the location of the furniture, you create new, unusual situations and can start the new year with a breath of fresh air. For example, you could pull the sofa away from the wall a little. This creates space behind it for a sideboard or a wall shelf. Simply moving the furniture is a simple idea to change your home, because the furniture is essential for the interior design. Stage your bed, move the armchair and put your dining table in the spotlight. You shouldn't necessarily tackle a remodeling project alone. Ask your partner, neighbor, or friend to help you. This is easy on your back and helpers often have ideas, suggestions and set-up tips for you.


Treat your apartment to a detox cure for the New Year! Once a year, throw away the things that are no longer needed or that are broken. Do you know the must-see list? On it you write down all the things in your apartment that should be disposed of (or recycled), given away or resold . It is best if you draw up the list before Christmas, then you will also have a reason to give away your valuable furniture treasures. Spring cleaning is also worthwhile in order to be able to start with a breath of fresh air. Sweep the floor, have the carpet cleaned again and vacuum the sofa.


Sometimes a certain piece of furniture can give a room a completely different mood and new uses. Create more storage space with a cupboard or bookshelf or use the new piece of furniture as a room divider. Do you have a worn-out sofa and have you been dreaming of a new one for a long time? Then we would recommend that you make a New Year's resolution to buy a new sofa. Then implement this resolution to create a great eye-catcher in your living room with your new sofa. Are you looking for a new piece of furniture, like a large sofa ? Then we would advise you to browse our online shop . We have made it our mission to breathe new life into used furniture. We have immediately available designer furniture from well-known manufacturers on offer. From comfortable sofas to filigree armchairs - everyone will find what they are looking for in our online shop.