Professional setup


In our opinion, the living room is the most important place in your home. If you are about to move or make a change, we would like to give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your living room professionally.

The needs assessment is the first step: find out what you really want. Start thinking about your new living room. Take a look around your old living room and think about which things you definitely want to keep and which can be got rid of. Find out what you like and develop your personal style. In order to define your own style, it is helpful to study existing living themes and styles. It's perfectly normal if you like a mix of different styles. Maybe you like a mixture of the simple Scandinavian living style coupled with the rough industrial look.

Step 2: Create your own foundations. In order to be able to redecorate the apartment, a few simple steps are required before you can start the project. This is the best time to take inventory and sort out things that can go. Clean your living room thoroughly and declutter it. Then you can start measuring your room and the remaining furniture.

The third step is to develop the idea: Visualize your wishes. A so-called mood board is best for organizing and developing ideas. The word mood board is English and literally translated means mood board. This means your visualized living room idea as a collage. Search living magazines and blogs for pictures that you like for your future living room and start arranging them on a piece of cardboard like a collage. Finally you glue the pictures on.

Step 4: Create a plan of your future living room. First you draw the outline of the room with a pencil. The contour is usually square, rectangular or L-shaped. Draw fixed pieces of furniture such as windows, radiators and doors on your plan with thick lines. Then think about how you want to arrange the furniture and carpet.

Shopping is the fifth step: Get your new furniture. The best time to buy new furniture is after you've made a plan. Because from now on you know how big your future pieces of furniture can be. In the living area, it is worth investing in a sofa, lights and consumer electronics. You can save money on things like coffee tables and accessories. We recommend that you buy used furniture. This is how you manage to give your living room more diversity. Buying used furniture is more sustainable. At Revieve Interior, our in-house forwarding agency takes care of the entire logistics. In teams of two, our tour drivers are on the road all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland week after week, making sure that your sofa is delivered right to your living room anywhere in Germany within 7 days. Whether in the country or on the 10th floor, from only 49 euros you don't have to lift a finger.

The sixth and last step is the conclusion: We wish you a lot of fun decorating. The bookshelf is up. The new sofa is delivered. Now is the time to add a personal touch to your living room with decorative objects.

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