Studio 16 project


For this special project, Fabian Freytag , architect and designer, opted for a one-room apartment in a 1950s house in Berlin-Lichterfelde. He began to completely gut the apartment, renovate it and redefine the room layout. The 30 sqm in the 60s look became a designer apartment with a new sense of space.

The aim was to bring in the sunny flair of the American south-east coast and to enlarge the apartment optically. Since there is no balcony, Freytag used the yellow awning pattern on the ceiling, making the room appear more summery and spacious. The room-wide window lets a lot of light into the room, which is reflected by the matt aluminum wall.

Freytag's tip: "Reflective surfaces are also a useful tool to make a room appear larger. But be careful when using mirrors. They can drive you crazy in small spaces. Therefore, dark mirrors, high-gloss paint colors or (as here) the reflective aluminum are the better tools to make rooms appear larger.”

Doors are integrated behind the reflective surfaces. Behind it are the bathroom, hallway and closet. " It was important to me to create as much space as possible in order to be generous with the furniture. Small spaces don't necessarily mean small furniture - but they do need a stage."

Our expansive 'Veranda' armchair by Cassina has its own space to unfold and be staged. The design from 1983 was penned by Vico Magistretti and impresses with the combination of painted tubular steel for the frame and high-quality, black Alcantara fabric. Stepless folding out of the headrest and three relaxation positions of the backrest turn the armchair into a functional wonder. Thanks to a folding mechanism, it can also be easily converted into a chaise longue. You can find the armchair and more design dreams from Cassina in our online shop .

A clear basic structure with bold accents - this is what makes the great design by Fabian Freytag. The selected designer furniture shines without taking space and breath away from the overall picture. We are happy to have contributed with our Cassina armchair .

You can find more projects and works by Fabian Freytag here: .

The photographs are by Anne Deppe .