Spring feeling


When the days are getting longer again, it gets dark later and the first birds are already chirping in the morning, then spring is not far away. If you are also eagerly awaiting spring, then the following tips are just the thing for you. We'll show you how to add spring highlights to your living room.


Flowers are a symbol of spring. Because you can create flower arrangements in different shapes and colors, you can always add variety quickly and easily. Cut flowers on the table brighten up your living room.


Cushion covers and throws with patterns make your home look lively and fresh. Vases and decorative objects in pastel or summer colors bring energy and a positive atmosphere to your rooms. With green potted plants you can create a homely feeling. A sofa in a strong, bright color is an absolute eye-catcher.


Wall colors have an impact on your mood. With the right colors, it is easier for you to wake up from hibernation and regain new energy. If you're feeling bold or want to start spring fresh, you can paint a wall a bold color. Since colors have an influence on the mood and atmosphere, you should think about which color is right for you beforehand. Red is considered stimulating and is therefore ideal for your study. Blue is an excellent color for your dining room as it is very calming and gives you a place of rest. Yellow, on the other hand, stands out clearly from the surrounding colors and therefore appears very lively. It's perfect for your hallway.


In order to successfully start the spring cleaning, you set a binding day for the cleaning action. Don't take on too much and set realistic goals. First bring order to the chaos and clean up. Only then should you clean up. Be sure to use the spring cleaning for a clearing out campaign. At no other time of the year will this be as easy for you as it is now. The biggest benefit of sorting out is the space gained for new furniture. If you are already full of anticipation and bubbling spring ideas, then take a look around for the right accessories and furniture in our online shop .