This style of living is reminiscent of a dream holiday in northern Europe. Bright, reserved living rooms with open floor plans characterize this style of living. Subtle textiles with romantic floral patterns give the Nordic apartments a homely atmosphere. The following 5 tips are suitable for you if you want to redecorate your apartment in Scandinavian style.


The Scandinavian style of living is currently very trendy. Because of the long winters, the Scandinavians like it clear and bright. White and subtle pastel shades dominate the style. That's why we advise you to ban bright colors from your Scandinavian living room. The Scandinavians like it elegantly reduced. They also express this in colors such as gray and beige tones. When it comes to the number of pieces of furniture, the motto is “less is more”.


Light is an important part of your living room and gives you the brightness of long Nordic summer days. Light creates atmosphere and sets accents. However, functionality alone is not enough in Scandinavian style. Because the lights should also look good themselves. Therefore, pay attention to a simple design with lamps and bring light into the dark corners.


The Scandinavian design is based on natural materials such as wood, linen, cotton and leather. Local woods such as birch, pine and spruce are used in Scandinavian living rooms as furniture, wall paneling or floorboards. Norway and Sweden have beautiful landscapes. The forests and fjords serve as sources of inspiration for this style of living. The style exudes calm and contemplation at the same time. Natural materials such as branches and roots are often used as decorative elements.


A typical feature of your Scandinavian living room are textiles with extravagant patterns. With patterns you can transform a neutral room into an extraordinary room with restrained means. A room in neutral colors does not have to be boring. Because patterns can have an invigorating effect and give the premises completely new dimensions. When it comes to textiles, we advise you to opt for romantic floral patterns with lots of white or gentle checked and striped patterns.


Armchairs and sofas in the Scandinavian living room are decorated in neutral colors. Choose a beige, cream, gray or white sofa with black accents. When it comes to seating, pay attention to the functionality and create a comfortable sofa with a clear and linear design. Because the living trend is calm, simple, functional and homely. A wooden base and woven upholstery are typical of Nordic armchairs and sofas.

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