summer flair


When the sun is shining or the patio door is open, we like to enjoy the free hours in our favorite armchair with a good book or in company at a cozy barbecue. Let your soul dangle - that's summer. We will show you which pieces of furniture will bring summer to you and how you can bring lightness and summer flair into your four walls.


Pastel shades ensure freshness and lightness in the room. This is the right choice when buying furniture for anyone who doesn't like things to be too gaudy, but doesn't want to do without colour. Especially light blue and green tones as well as rose tones have a very calming and refreshing effect.

This Brühl & Sippold model in delicate ice blue looks relaxing and reserved.


Chairs and lounge furniture in light colors with fabric covers are particularly suitable for pleasant hours in the conservatory, on the terrace or on the balcony. This is more weather-resistant and provides more comfort.

The coconut lounge chair with stool is unique and invites you to a stylish beach party.

Clear and filigree shapes bring the desired summery flair. If you would like it both indoors and outdoors, it is best to choose materials that can withstand all weather conditions, such as painted metal or plastic.

The Diamond Chair & Bertoia bar stool from Knoll International


Dominant colors, striking designs, eye-catching patterns. This is not only the summer trend 2019 - some manufacturers are known for exactly that.

The Bretz Napali is famous for its eye-catching velvet fabric covers.

Bretz and Leolux offer exactly this and thus ensure models and eye-catchers in a class of their own. Your furniture becomes the center of the room and shines with shape and color, especially in the warm season.

The Leolux Tango in bright orange


Summer stands for liveliness. Those who rely on dynamic and lively shapes when designing interiors choose furniture with bold and energetic designs.

The de Sede DS 151 armchair with its dynamic design and strong red is an eye-catcher.

At the same time, these often offer ergnomic shapes that adapt to the shape of the body when sitting or lying down. Filigree or narrow feet, chrome and glass help to ensure that the spatial effect remains airy and does not lose size.

Despite its size, the Boconcept coffee table made of glass with a metal strut frame does not appear bulky.

The Cassina Le Corbusier LC 4 lounger combines ergonomics and innovative design.

Have we whetted your appetite for more summer in your home? Then take a look at our online shop and find your personal summer trend.