storage ideas


As living space gets smaller and smaller these days, you should adapt your storage solutions accordingly. Your living room is the heart of the apartment and should therefore appear tidy and friendly. But what to do if the space in the apartment is limited and you still want it nice and comfortable? We would be happy to give you tips on how to use a few tricks to get the best out of your living room and how to create storage space.


Because walls are great for placing cupboards, showcases and bookshelves in front of them. Cupboards and showcases offer storage space for your favorite objects. With showcases, these can be staged. If you want to organize your open bookshelf, then boxes and inserts will help you to organize. This is how you manage to store many small things. Grouping things together makes the shelf clutter-free and more appealing than just scattering everything randomly across compartments. A well-assembled collection forms a harmonious whole.


Magazines, pillows and towels can be stowed away in it. The ideal place for baskets and chests is under a bench. Existing suitcases can also be used as storage space. Nostalgic treasures, such as the old trunk, can serve as storage space and at the same time as a coffee table. Cases and baskets can of course also be stacked for even more storage space. Baskets made of natural materials ensure cosiness, create order easily and are super trendy.


Angles under the stairs and staggered walls are not wasted spaces, because they can be embellished with suitable fixtures or even made into a focal point. Places under stairs can be used as an open wardrobe. This can be done with the help of telescopic rods. Books and DVDs can be stored on a wall of shelves under the sloping staircase. You can also emphasize a recessed wall or niche, for example to mark the living area. This works very well with light accents or a strong wall color. This turns every dark niche into a decorative eye-catcher.


Clever pieces of furniture, such as sofa beds in the living room with an integrated storage bed, are another example of cleverly storing necessary items. Seating furniture with storage space is an ingenious solution. Modern sofa landscapes often offer accessories such as shelves on armrests and trays, so you can do without additional furniture. If sofa landscapes are placed in the center of the room, you have the walls free for shelves.

Good tips for creating storage space and space are worth their weight in gold. In this way you create more freedom for the original living. With enough storage space, it not only becomes tidier in the living room, but you also get more space for other great furniture, such as our sofas and armchairs to feel good in. Our online shop is guaranteed to have the right offer for you.