Christmas decoration ideas


Christmas is around the corner. Warm up the mulled wine, unpack the speculoos and put on «Last Chrismas». Of course, it only really gets Christmassy with the right decorations. Here are 4 tips on how to decorate your living room for Christmas.


If you like it classic, simply decorate your living room in the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and gold. Maybe a red tablecloth paired with green cushions on the sofa and gold stars for the windows? If you want to celebrate Christmas 2018 in a trendy way, then the Scandi style is the perfect look for your living room. The style from the far north impresses above all with clear and minimalist accents. Colors? none. Black and white are trendy. True to the motto "less is more". The decoration is also more natural and less ornate, thus ensuring a certain understatement.


Bring some life into your living room and brighten it up for Christmas with a matching houseplant. These three plants are particularly suitable for the Christmas season: The poinsettia: The classic among Christmas plants. You can buy it most often with red leaves, but the poinsettia is also a real eye-catcher with cream or apricot-colored leaves and it is impossible to imagine an Advent home without it. The Christmas cactus: At first glance, not a particularly Christmassy plant. If the Christmas cactus is rather inconspicuous all year round, it unfolds its full splendor, but with its opulent flowers at exactly the right time. The Knight's Star: Amaryllis defy the gray season with magnificent flower funnels on tall stalks. You can buy them in classic Christmas red, snow white or soft powder tones. Exactly the right recipe against the winter blues.


What would Christmas be without a Christmas tree? The Christmas tree is a must-have, especially for families with children. Fairy lights, candles, glass balls, tinsel or small Christmas figures are usually used as decoration. Did you know that this Christmas tradition first emerged in Germany in the 19th century? Since then, this tradition has spread around the world. Match the color of the Christmas balls to your living room. Do you prefer natural colors and wood, delicate pastel shades or the classic Christmas colors? Decorate your Christmas tree the way you want. Make sure that baubles match the rest of the decoration. This results in a beautiful, harmonious overall picture.


A solemn, contemplative atmosphere can hardly be created without candles. Whether it's beeswax candles or LEDs - make your living room shine. The Advent wreath - a Christmas evergreen. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to decorating and adorning. Have fun designing your Advent wreath. And then you can really enjoy the Advent season with a glass of punch and delicious Christmas stollen. Did you know that the burning candle is a symbol of hope and the soul that shines in the dark realm of death? The Advent wreath also has a lot of symbolic power and mainly goes back to Christian traditions.

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