How to furnish large rooms


Even large rooms can be incredibly cozy with the right tricks. We would be happy to give you ideas with which you can optimally set up a large room. These ideas are for you if you are about to move, want to buy new furniture, or if you just want to redecorate your large space.

Large rooms can easily be used multiple times. So your room can be a living room and study in one. When planning such multi-purpose rooms, it is important to define clear areas. This is the only way you can optimize the usability of the room. To get clearly defined areas, you can use furniture as room dividers. For example, you can set up your desk freely in the room instead of placing it against a wall. But your sofa with a console table behind it can also divide up rooms.

You can count yourself lucky with a large living room. But if it seems too big for you, create the clearly defined areas already mentioned. Think about what you want to use your living room for. This way you can determine where which activity can best be accommodated. It is a great help if you create a simple but still true-to-scale plan. You can draw the areas of use on this plan.

In order for large rooms to appear uniform despite different areas, you need a connecting element. In a large room that is used as a living and dining room, for example, glass table tops can act as a connecting element. A connecting sense of space can be created not only by the material but also by a color or a pattern. For example, decorative elements such as carpets, curtains or cushion covers can be kept in color families. Patterns are a great way to add character and panache to your large space.

Large rooms in particular can quickly appear anonymous and sterile. That's why we recommend giving your home that certain something with a few but effective decorative objects. With just a few accessories you can give your furniture a personal touch. This is done, for example, with a few souvenirs from the last vacation on the table, pillowcases made of different fabrics or a patterned throw. All this gives the furnishings character.


Large rooms also tolerate large furniture. Because delicate furniture can get lost in large rooms. Long dining tables, expansive sofas and large armchairs take up more space and fill large rooms proportionally better. Instead of a narrow sofa, large rooms can tolerate entire sofa landscapes including a matching armchair. Enjoy the fact that you have enough space in a large room and you can furnish it according to your own wishes.

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