Our future without cash


A world without cash, is that possible? In fact, cash is disappearing more and more from our everyday lives, so that cashless payments are becoming a reality. While Great Britain and Scandinavia are pioneers in Europe, we are slowly catching up in Germany. Digitality in transactions is becoming more and more important and will become indispensable in the near future.

In times when Apple Pay and Google Pay are successful and we can already make contactless payments from smartphone to smartphone, we at Revive Interior have also decided to dispense with cash payments entirely. Therefore we use free electronic means of payment such as PayPal or real-time transfer with a transaction within four to five seconds, which are offered by banks such as Sparkasse, Deutsche Bank, Hypovereinsbank, VR-Bank and many others.


Paying with cash carries some risks. We do not want to expose you or our sales or suppliers of our own fleet to this. As a certified Trusted Shop with many satisfied customers, we only use secure electronic payment methods.

We have different customer groups - on the one hand our direct customers who make a purchase. On the other hand, however, also our seller, from whom we take pieces of furniture in part exchange. We have created secure solutions for both customer groups.



If we use the "Friends and family" function when purchasing your furniture, the money remains untouchable in your PayPal account during our transaction with PayPal. Above all, there are no fees for you. As a buyer, you can also use PayPal with us via the "Goods and Services" function, so that we bear the fees and you are protected by buyer protection.

EC card and Klarna

Our customers should be able to pay conveniently and above all securely. That's why we offer you EC card payment when you buy furniture in our showroom. Payment in installments via Klarna is also possible.

real-time transfer

We are happy to offer real-time transfer when purchasing your furniture. Our delivery drivers instruct the payment directly on site, so the money is credited to your account within 4-5 seconds. This new program has been in existence since July 2018 and guarantees a fast, secure and of course free of charge transaction to all participating banks, such as Sparkasse, Deutsche Bank, Hypovereinsbank, VR-Bank and many more.

bank transfer

If no PayPal account is available or real-time transfer is supported, we can also do it in the classic way: normal bank transfer. As a buyer, you can of course also use this by paying in advance.


We know that cashless payments are unfamiliar to many. Maybe for you too. Nevertheless, we want to consciously set an accent and jump on the train of progress. We look forward to you joining us.

By the way, here you can take a look at the many positive reviews from our customers who have already made cashless purchases from us or from whom we have traded in furniture: