Remove Chocolate Stains | Learn processing with Frank #08

A common problem, especially during Advent: chocolate stains on the sofa. Frank will show you how to remove chocolate stains from your upholstered furniture in just a few minutes so you can enjoy the next table in front of the TV without any worries.

that's how it works

Step 1: First, vacuum the dirty area with a standard household vacuum cleaner.
Tip: Alternatively, you can freeze the spot with ice spray beforehand. It is important that you do not rub too hard so that the stain does not get bigger.
Step 2: Next, clean the area with a cloth and lukewarm water. Warm water is necessary because chocolate has a high fat content and is the only way to dissolve it.
Important! – Do not always use the same part of the cloth and do not use water that is too hot!
Step 3: Now use a foam cleaner. A simple carpet cleaner is also suitable for this. Use the cleaner several times on the spot and rub the cleaning agent in with a brush. Then you go over it again with the cloth and the water.
Step 4: In the next step, vacuum the damp area with a wet vacuum cleaner. (Available in every hardware store, cost: approx. 50 €.)
Important!  Do not use a standard household vacuum cleaner here!
Step 5: Finally, clean the spot with the vacuum cleaner attachment.
Step 6: And the stain is gone!

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