Remove grease stains in 3 minutes | Learn to process with Kathrin #05

In everyday life, stains can quickly appear on the fabric furniture. Grease stains in particular are often unavoidable due to intensive use. Kathrin shows you how you can clean the fabric in three minutes and what you have to pay particular attention to.

that's how it works

Step 1: First you remove the coarse dirt with compressed air. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer or blow hard on the spot.

Step 2: Then isopropanol is used. Isopropanol is a form of strong alcohol, you can buy it at hardware stores, pharmacies or online (cost: around €10).

Important! – First test on an inconspicuous area of ​​the furniture to see whether the isopropanol will cause discoloration. If not, you can now spray it onto the dry dirt spot. The area must be dry for the alcohol to develop its chemical effect.

Step 3: Now you wipe the area with a cloth and a lot of pressure. Then wipe it again with a dry part of the cloth.

Tip: Sparkling water helps with coffee stains, cold water helps with blood!

Step 4: And the stain is gone!

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