Fix zipper under 5 min | Learn processing with Frank #02

Whether furniture, bag or piece of clothing. We'll show you how you can repair a broken zipper at home in less than 5 minutes.

that's how it works

Step 1: First, use side cutters to cut sideways into the non-functioning side of the teeth. You can then thread the slider back in. However, for the time being it slips out again at the defective point.

Step 2: Next, thread a piece of thread onto a circular needle (you can buy it online or in specialist shops, alternatively a household needle will do) and tie a knot just before the end of the defective part of the zipper. So the slide can no longer slip back.

Step 3: Then push in the slider at the end of the zipper. This has the advantage that it does not bother you and cannot scratch the leather.

Step 4: The defective part of the zipper can now be easily sewn up again with a circular needle.

Step 5: At the end you can thread the thread through from the inside out and cut it off so that you can no longer see it.

Step 6: Done!

Tip: If the zipper ripped in the middle, simply apply the same steps starting in the middle. However, this means that you can only open the zipper halfway. However, the cushion is still closed.

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