Repair seat hardness less than 30 min | Learn processing with Frank #01

Every piece of furniture deserves a 2nd chance. We'll show you how you can repair sagging upholstery at home in just a few minutes.

that's how it works

Step 1: First you loosen the tension fabric. There are special clamp lifters for this (cost: approx. 10 €). Alternatively, a standard household screwdriver will also work! If the clips don't come straight out, you can just pry them out. Even if they break off, they can be easily pulled out with the pliers.

Step 2.1: Next you want to put composite foam (cost: approx. 5 €) under the nosag springs to improve the firmness of the seat.

Step 2.2: In the next step, you cut the composite foam with a cutter knife according to the seat. Bonded foam from hardware stores is firm and doesn't lift the seat too much, but you can use other materials as well. However, because of its strength, composite foam is best. Other materials are usually too soft.

Step 2.3: You start with the middle nosag spring and pull the fabric through behind the springs to the left.

Step 3: Then start again in the middle and push the rest of the foam through to the right.

A notice! – While multiple layers of foam are possible, this is not recommended as it will cause the seat to bag too much.

Step 4: Finally, fasten the stretch fabric again. For this you staple it again . A compressed air tacker is recommended, but otherwise a hand tacker will suffice.

Tip: Always start in the middle and work outwards.

Step 5: Done!

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