Easily remove leather dents | Learn processing with Frank #04

Dents often appear in the leather during transport or when the furniture is placed incorrectly, but these can be easily removed. All you need is a heat gun and a little patience.

that's how it works

Step 1: First you blow-dry the pressure point with a hot-air blow-dryer (not a household blow-dryer! Cost: approx. 20 €). The heat causes the leather to contract and become firm again.

Important! – Always keep the hair dryer in circular motion so that no damage is caused by the heat. Cool down with cold water in between and blow-dry again with circular movements after wiping dry. Better to stay a little too short than too long in one spot.

Step 2: Done! The pressure point is removed in just five minutes

A notice! – This method only works with a pressure point in the leather cover and not with a pressure point in the foam. The foam would melt away under the heat. In addition, no seat creases can be removed in this way, as these arise again and again. In the case of imitation leather covers, pressure points can also be removed with the help of a hot air blower. However, artificial leather is even more sensitive, so careful blow-drying on a low setting is recommended.

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